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Tad Roberts Yacht Design
Copyright 2011 by Rob Cassteele Koedijk (zilverenmist)
Uploaded 2011-03-03 - Downloaded 4585 times
Tad Roberts Yacht Design .zip
Size: 5.1 MB

In my learning 3D proces I accidently found Douglas Fir.
After building the boat and proofing that Virtual Sailor has a very good hydro mechanical structure, I found the original designer of Douglas Fir, and got exclusive permission to make some of his designs available for VS and VSF. Technical and other details are enclosed in the zip file as 2 seperate pdf files. The file power-boat-design-form-and-function is concerning hydrostatica. The VSF version may have a higher speed due to some automation of the program. In VS this little work horse does exactly 20 knots, as calculated in the pdf.
With thanks to Ilan Papini for his everlasting patience with me, and special thanks to Tad Roberts for granting my request for permission on using his designs for my projects
FIXED: Water moniter for Angil
Copyright 2011 by ()
Uploaded 2011-03-13 - Downloaded 3440 times
FIXED: Water moniter for
Size: 108 KB

Sorry everyone! I said that the Angilin Prince was Bob's work, but it's Shuan's work! (very sorry about that mix-up Shuan, and Bob!)

It's pretty much the same, If you did not see the mk. I water cannon it wasa weapon that is for making fire fighting pictures, It is red and made in The LATEST google sketchup! Have fun with my now fixed Moniter! I sure have fun with!
John Junior
Copyright 2015 by ()
Uploaded 2015-02-02 - Downloaded 706 times
Size: 1.8 MB

repaint of mini tug by Ilan Papini,
rusted ship so look like it is old.
Copyright 2014 by Ralf (Tiger)
Uploaded 2014-09-23 - Downloaded 1420 times
Size: 7.1 MB

German Coastguard ship "Bredstedt" for VS.
RV Pioneer Of The Seas
Copyright 2014 by Trent (trent001)
Uploaded 2014-10-26 - Downloaded 2220 times
RV Pioneer Of The
Size: 6.3 MB

A new conversion. Model from 3D Warehouse. Model by: mattia. I take no credit for the model. Had to delete a few items to keep FPS reasonable. It's a nicely detailed Research Vessel. Works in both VS / VSF.

Comments, feedback in the forums. Cheers.
Copyright 2014 by Trent (trent001)
Uploaded 2014-10-18 - Downloaded 2257 times
Size: 3.3 MB

Hi friends. Another quick upload. I got this model from 3D Warehouse. Original model by: 76woody76. I take no credit for the original model. Thought we could use a Tender. I've simply repainted, rescaled & converted it to VSF/VS. (Includes boat.cfg & vehicle.cfg). Includes a yellow painted version.

Any probs let me know. Enjoy.
Copyright 2014 by Trent (trent001)
Uploaded 2014-11-02 - Downloaded 1580 times
Size: 915 KB

Another simple conversion. Model from 3D Warehouse. Model author: Bryden. I take no credit for the original model. I've edited, resized & converted it for VS /VSF. Has a flashing Strobe on the top (Yellow in VSF / White in VS).

Recreate your favourite sinkings.. :-P
John Jr. Rally Textures (or wh
Copyright 2015 by (datmcbrony)
Uploaded 2015-03-23 - Downloaded 380 times
John Jr. Rally Textures (or
Size: 389 KB

so datmcbrony is back with a new account (...Ilan Papini Removed my old account...)So here we have the new textures for john jr. which is a rally tug boat (good for doing donuts) texture,I also tuned up some parts of the engine to make donuts faster than the old salvage version >.<
Anyway That's all guys and note: I love all my fans!!!
Copyright 2016 by (bexel)
Uploaded 2016-03-12 - Downloaded 233 times
Tróndur .zip
Size: 4.1 MB

Built in 1959 as Smøla at the Aukra Bruk shipyard in Norway for Møre og Romsdal Fylkesbåtar AS (MRF) she sailed between 1959 to 1967. She was later in 1968 sold to Strandfaraskip Landsins and sailed the Tórshavn - Toftir rute until 1991. She was later converted in to a Standby Safety Vessel for the faroese Coast Guard. Later in 2012 she was sold to scrap in Frederikshavn
John Jr. Texture update v2
Copyright 2015 by ()
Uploaded 2015-02-13 - Downloaded 404 times
John Jr. Texture update
Size: 1.4 MB

This Is The New Tugboat Textures For my Tugboat,John Junior!

Copyright (c) Datmcbrony 2015-Present
for more information go to
all rights reserved
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