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M/S Cipra
Copyright 2011 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2011-02-02 - Downloaded 4183 times
Size: 3.3 MB

Modeled and textured by Serkan - 2010
M/S Doga
Copyright 2011 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2011-02-04 - Downloaded 2408 times
Size: 3.4 MB

Modeled and textured by - 2011 -
Ms Doga v2 is now available for Vehicle Simulator.
Fixed some errors,
added new working bridge instruments,
textures has been renewed.
Copyright 2010 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2010-09-19 - Downloaded 3532 times
Size: 2.4 MB

Tug Boat Egeli (demo)
CataHobie16 V1
Copyright 2017 by baril (jpb63)
Uploaded 2017-03-20 - Downloaded 248 times
Size: 13.6 MB

Copyright 2009 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2009-07-17 - Downloaded 6686 times
Size: 4.3 MB

instruments and panel fixed ...
Copyright 2010 by Mati (matto_mati)
Uploaded 2010-07-25 - Downloaded 3170 times
Size: 3.5 MB

Finally the LCM(3) is done. Be sure to read the "ReadMe.txt" file before installing. This add-on is made for VSF but I have no objection if any one wants to convert it for VS.
Known issues:

1) The ramp won't go all the way down. That is because the ramp is made as an elevator.
2) The water is seen inside the hull. Despite the fact I have "hide water=1" the water is seen Ilan explained this is due to the fact that the deck of this ship is below sea level and this cannot be fixed.

Special thanks to Ilan for making VSF in the first place and for making all of my whishes come true for this project.
Also to Sailorjhon for beta testing and sharing his intimate knowledge of the vessel with me.
And last but not least to Ron for doing research that helped me a lot.
Also I like to thank everyone in the VSF forum that offered constructive criticism and helped me along.
Copyright 2012 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2012-01-08 - Downloaded 4901 times
Size: 7.2 MB

Turkish ferry M/v Goztepe

This MODEL AND ALL FILES contained in the archive are
the sole property of Serkan -
visit for more addons here:

- 2012 -
Copyright 2009 by C.A.Moore (pusser)
Uploaded 2009-05-21 - Downloaded 6713 times
IJN Junyo
Size: 5.3 MB

IJN Junyo Japan 1941

Laid down as a passenger liner Kashiwara Maru but while still on the stocks at Mitsubishi's Nagasaki yard
she was staken over by the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Displacement. 28300 ton full load
Length. 719ft
Beam. 87ft
Draft. 26ft

Two geared shaft turbines @ 56250 hp

Armament intially. 12x 5", 24x 25MM, 53 aircraft.

Speed. 25 knots

Range. 8000nm at 18 knots.

Complement. 1200

Junyo and her sister ship Hiyo, had limited hanger headroom which restricted the types of aircraft they could operate.
No catapults were fitted and Junyo was the first Japanese carrier to have her funnel trunked into the island.
Junyo was commissioned in May 1942 and took part in the Aleutian Islands operation and the following month she was present at Santa Cruz.
She was damaged at the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and again in December 1944 by torpedoes.
She was never repaired and broken up in 1947.
Copyright 2009 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2009-06-07 - Downloaded 7523 times
Size: 9.4 MB
This model for Vehicle Simulator
Copyright 2009 by (serkan)
Uploaded 2009-07-25 - Downloaded 11712 times
Size: 4.7 MB

This model for Vehicle Simulator.
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