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Aircraft Elements
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-01-18 - Downloaded 1260 times
Size: 1.7 MB

This file contains a lot of elements for many aircraft which are available for VSF, also for Jason Simpsons models (

I modified the flight characteristics as close as possible to reality. Especially in stall and spinning for aerobatic planes. With VSF this can be realized very well. Here I refer to my experiances as aerobatic glider pilot.

You find files which are named according to the aircraft. They have to be renamed into "elements". Further youīll find zip-folders named according to the aircraft. Save the original elements.cfg/vehicle.cfg first. After that copy the elements.cfg / vehicle.cfg-files into the according vehicle folder of VSF.

For the Su-26 and the Pa-18 you find files which convert them into RC models. Here I recommend to copy the whole vehicle folders and rename them e.g. as Su-26_RC and Pa-18_RC. Otherwhise the full size versions will be lost. You also can calibrate an RC transmitter like a Joystick in VSF; so you can use it as a RC-model simulator!

Elements for WA 116
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-03-29 - Downloaded 442 times
Elements for WA
Size: 738 bytes

Modified elements contains prop wash. Further I made it flying more accurate and agile. Enjoy!
Autogyro Elements
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-03-29 - Downloaded 585 times
Size: 745 bytes

I added prop wash to the standard-autogyro of VSF. I gave slow reactions to all axis, so beginners can learn to fly an autogyro with that model.
For flying autogyros you have to understand that the rotor dosenīt have an engine. Itīs only driven by the airflow from below (autorotation).
To take off pull back the stick full and accelerate. You see the RPM rises and after a few seconds it starts to fly. Never push the sick foreward too hard, only very gentle. If you push too hard, RPM is lost, because there is no airflow from below anymore.
You can stop in the air and turn off the engine, but you will loose altitude.
A gyrocopter is not a helicopter, itīs its own class of rotorcraft.

Have fun!
Planet Express Ship
Copyright 2016 by (Blue Star Line)
Uploaded 2016-04-29 - Downloaded 968 times
Planet Express
Size: 3.1 MB

Good Year Blimp
Copyright 2016 by (Blue Star Line)
Uploaded 2016-02-26 - Downloaded 584 times
Good Year
Size: 1.7 MB

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