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Nimrod MR1
Copyright 2009 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2009-07-15 - Downloaded 7486 times
Size: 4.9 MB

A repaint of JFCL's De Havilland Comet into the RAF's Hawker Siddeley Nimrod MR1 as operated in 1969
Red Arrows Jet
Copyright 2009 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2009-08-30 - Downloaded 2078 times
Red Arrows
Size: 723 KB

McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II in Red Arrows 2009 colour scheme by Daniel Milburn
Origional Model by Victor Egorov who has given me permission to release this repaint
Copyright 2009 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2009-09-02 - Downloaded 3237 times
Size: 751 KB

Royal Navy Phantom FG.1 of the Fleet Air Arm repaint of Victor Egorov's F4 Phantom
The first British customer for the Phantom was the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy, who ordered it as a replacement for the Sea Vixen in 1964. This version was known as the FG.1 in British service (its US designation was F-4K).

The British Phantoms were quite a bit different in shape and unique in having Rolls-Royce Spey engines. Also the FG.1 version had a considerably longer extending nose wheel leg so that it could operate from British aircraft carriers.
MQ-9 Reaper UAV
Copyright 2009 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2009-10-12 - Downloaded 3522 times
MQ-9 Reaper
Size: 3 MB

The MQ-9 Reaper is an unmanned aerial vehicle developed by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems for use by the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, and the British Royal Air Force.
please place everything from the components folder into the components folder of your VSF and do the same with the weapons
and please enjoy
please post any comments at
HC-130 Hercules USCG
Copyright 2011 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2011-04-16 - Downloaded 8582 times
HC-130 Hercules
Size: 4.8 MB

A repaint of Jason Simpsons C-130 into United States Coast Guard HC-130
F-22 Raptor
Copyright 2012 by ()
Uploaded 2012-10-23 - Downloaded 2584 times
Size: 2 MB

Converted from Sketchup. Cockpit was edited by me, 3d model by Crazy Eyes.

Model link at:

Note: Add-on has no moving parts. I don't really know how to animate 3d models. If anybody can help, email me at:
Aircraft Elements
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-01-18 - Downloaded 1260 times
Size: 1.7 MB

This file contains a lot of elements for many aircraft which are available for VSF, also for Jason Simpsons models (

I modified the flight characteristics as close as possible to reality. Especially in stall and spinning for aerobatic planes. With VSF this can be realized very well. Here I refer to my experiances as aerobatic glider pilot.

You find files which are named according to the aircraft. They have to be renamed into "elements". Further you´ll find zip-folders named according to the aircraft. Save the original elements.cfg/vehicle.cfg first. After that copy the elements.cfg / vehicle.cfg-files into the according vehicle folder of VSF.

For the Su-26 and the Pa-18 you find files which convert them into RC models. Here I recommend to copy the whole vehicle folders and rename them e.g. as Su-26_RC and Pa-18_RC. Otherwhise the full size versions will be lost. You also can calibrate an RC transmitter like a Joystick in VSF; so you can use it as a RC-model simulator!

Elements for V-22 Osprey
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-01-24 - Downloaded 1669 times
Elements for V-22
Size: 717 bytes

My elements for V-22 Osprey. They make it flying more accurate.
I recommend to assign the flaps to buttons on the joystick. So it´s easier to handle the transformation from hover-mode to cruise-mode and the other way...

Mirage 2000 Elements
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-02-12 - Downloaded 862 times
Mirage 2000
Size: 711 bytes

My elements for Paulos great Mirage 2000. Only little modifications. More accurate reaction on aileron and more reaction on elevator. So high g-loads (10g +) are possible.

Elements for PZL P11c
Copyright 2013 by ()
Uploaded 2013-04-06 - Downloaded 445 times
Elements for PZL
Size: 1 KB

Elements for PZL P11c: My elements make it more agile. You can fly flick rolls (positive and negative) now.
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