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North Atlantic East V2
Copyright 2007 by Stanton Richards (Grant)
Uploaded 2007-01-28 - Downloaded 20128 times
North Atlantic East
Size: 1.2 MB

This update of Duane McCullough's Atlantic maps fits the VS7.0 map cordinates.
The lighthouses are off center some, but will be corrected later.
This is one of two parts.
Copyright 2006 by Stanton Richards (Grant)
Uploaded 2006-12-26 - Downloaded 8022 times
Size: 3.6 MB

This is a scenery made by Andrés Merino,
my copy had some errors, which I have corrected.
Particulary the cities of Mahon and Sabina.
Have added the lighthouses to the ports list.
Venice V2
Copyright 2007 by Stanton Richards (Grant)
Uploaded 2007-03-07 - Downloaded 9934 times
Size: 3.8 MB

This is an update of Ilan's Venice, with the GPS centered on St.Marks plaza, and corrected for size.
The depth chart was corrected.
Most decorative trees were removed and tree arrays added.
The harbor entrance lighthouses were added.
The cruse ship docks were added.

This scenery contains a radio file with music.

Have FUN!
Copyright 2008 by Stanton Richards (Grant)
Uploaded 2008-12-21 - Downloaded 9938 times
Size: 5.2 MB

This is part 2 of the ADRIATIC SEA update V2
It contains the large x-files only.
Add the contents of this zip to the Update file.

Any comments:
Copyright 2008 by Stanton Richards (Grant)
Uploaded 2008-12-21 - Downloaded 13994 times
Size: 19.1 MB

This us a NEW update as of DEC 2008
Lots of new ports of call.
Includes the port of Trieste,
an the Golf of Kotor.
Also three airports.
This is the main file, the large x-files are separate, see part 2
Orkney Scappa 1939 Version 2
Copyright 2007 by C.A.Moore (pusser)
Uploaded 2007-12-13 - Downloaded 9075 times
Orkney Scappa 1939 Version
Size: 4 MB

Dover_strait_first part
Copyright 2011 by Myke (maikoteflc)
Uploaded 2011-02-20 - Downloaded 6443 times
Size: 3 MB

Iceland 1939
Copyright 2008 by C.A.Moore (pusser)
Uploaded 2008-05-24 - Downloaded 8712 times
Size: 16.2 MB

Guernsey Tidal Update3
Copyright 2008 by C.A.Moore (pusser)
Uploaded 2008-08-04 - Downloaded 8454 times
Guernsey Tidal
Size: 8.4 MB

This update has the completed harbours of St.Peterport, St. Sampsons,
and Herm. The Little Russel and Big Russel navigation lights are completed. The read me file contains monthly average tidal and wind speed v wave hieghts, and a couple of formulae for working out ETA and Boat speed
Copyright 2013 by Ralf (Tiger)
Uploaded 2013-08-28 - Downloaded 3193 times
Size: 7.9 MB

trelleborg port scenery part1
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