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m.v. Hendrikje
Copyright 2011 by Rob Cassteele Koedijk (zilverenmist)
Uploaded 2011-01-15 - Downloaded 3921 times
Size: 3.3 MB

Day cruiser
Copyright 2006 by Ron Visser (ronvisser)
Uploaded 2006-03-29 - Downloaded 4685 times
Size: 722 KB

MV Mountain
Copyright 2009 by Mikael Collin (BrightneZ)
Uploaded 2009-02-16 - Downloaded 1759 times
Size: 1.2 MB

My first addon for VS. Pure fictional
Dampervan Beta 2
Copyright 2008 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2008-12-06 - Downloaded 3075 times
Dampervan Beta
Size: 2.4 MB

The second beta of the dampervan from top gear
please post any comments here
Copyright 2008 by Daniel Milburn (danim)
Uploaded 2008-10-01 - Downloaded 3853 times
Size: 2.5 MB

The Toybota from Top Gear
A conversion by me with a bit of modifications
MS Seabourn Quest
Copyright 2017 by Emanuel Lucas (LukasTitanicFan12)
Uploaded 2017-04-07 - Downloaded 710 times
MS Seabourn
Size: 14.7 MB

The luxury cruise of the Seabourn Cruise Line.

Model by me.
R.M.S. Titanic
Copyright 2017 by Emanuel Lucas (LukasTitanicFan12)
Uploaded 2017-03-27 - Downloaded 1873 times
Size: 17.7 MB

Model by me.

Forbidden copy.
SS Catarina
Copyright 2017 by CCC (ChavesClassicCruises)
Uploaded 2017-04-03 - Downloaded 270 times
Size: 6.5 MB

A fictional liner running for Chaves Classic Cruises.
M.S. Titanic
Copyright 2017 by Emanuel Lucas (LukasTitanicFan12)
Uploaded 2017-03-24 - Downloaded 1022 times
Size: 19.1 MB

Titanic 2 in a fictional version.

Model by me.

Forbidden copy.
R.M.S. Olympic
Copyright 2017 by Emanuel Lucas (LukasTitanicFan12)
Uploaded 2017-03-27 - Downloaded 1166 times
Size: 14.8 MB

Model by me.

Forbidden copy.
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